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Colonial Elegance


In ancient time, there are many colonial invaders who came to occupy most of the district especially in the hilly region to dominate their culture and proposed to replace their own colonial style building where they settle. There is numerous building where dominated colonial senses in most of the structures are left behind after liberation from British in World War II. These mysterious structures are astonishing to the visitors from various countries. The sites of Mawlamyine, Yangon and Kalaw regions are illustrating the powerful domination of colonial kingdom in history.


Yangon largest city in Myanmar as well as visitors can be touched the traditional mixtures between colonial and modernity living senses mainly in this land. It is comprises with the diverse appearances of the residence and religions with formal traditional style wearing longyis called sarongs. Being a religious golden land, Yangon is also uncovered with gilded well-known pagodas , monastery and holly building that verify highly devoted sprit of all the citizen .

Among them, one of the worlds wonder Pagoda, Shwedagon is the most revered Buddhist temple in Myanmar. You can pay worship from any point of city as this Great Pagoda is 99 meters tall gilded with gold leaf and is surrounded by 64 smaller stupas. Enjoy breathtaking views of the golden stupa from the vantage point. Astonishing sightseeing places like downtown streets where faded colonial buildings, bustling Chinatown and glittering pagodas are persuading firmly in the minds of travelers. Satisfaction can be complete by observing around iconic sites, fabulous market, enjoying local food as well as the best of locals-experiencing in many facts.


Charming hill station, Kalaw where are influent with colonial style housings. It is located on the western edge of the Shan hills. In this town you can also find a number of colonial elegance era such as Church, British style buildings, Tudor-style houses sit amongst English rose garden. Striking scenery, misty mountain, pine forest and mysterious life of tribes are inspired to come to those who are so energetic to find the sense of nature. This is a great place to relax for a while and enjoy the peace of life under the chilly weather.

There is also vibrant market where you can observe the wares of local product and enjoy having variety of delicious local food. And this region is also popular to take a perfect trekking trip along the dramatic mountains, flowing rivers and colorful villages to discover the number of hidden tribes, Pa Oh, Pa Laung villages where the villagers are warm and welcoming and you can witness the gentle nuances of traditional life. If you want to explore the natural sense and to release the tiredness of life, please come and get this lovely experience in Myanmar.

Pyin Oo Lwin

There are many peaceful and quite places in Myanmar, mostly in the hilly region. One of them Pyin Oo Lwin is located in Mandalay region only 70 kilometers away (Just over an hour's driving from Mandalay). Since 1896 it was re-treated the best Elegant Rest summer house for Europeans living in Mandalay, who built Edwardian-style cottages that can still be seen today.

At present time it remains many colonial architectural building, stunning mountain scenery and moderate temperatures that promote year-round plant growth. Visitors can get unforgettable nature activities by trekking around the countryside under mother’s nature cares, by observing rarely flowers such as Exotic Orchid, and by whispering pine forest. That’s why we also suggest you to deserve your time not to be missed visit there, Pyin Oo Lwin. And we dare to say that you won't regret your pleasure time in Charming Places of Pyin Oo Lwin.


The third largest city in Myanmar is Mawlamyine, located in the Mon State. It also was once a blooming teak port and the admistrative capital of British. According to the history, there are so many colonial terraces are scattering fundamentally in that town. Judson Churches, World War II era wooden buses, ancient historic pagodas are serves as a captivated trail of city for every traveler.

The Thanlwin Bridge, the longest road and Rail Bridge in Myanmar is the most prominent landmark of that area. One can feel the fabulous panoramic view of the river and the sunset view from the hill of Kyaikthanlan pagoda.

All the remarkable experiences can be get by observing one pagoda another, walking around the colonial heritage and exploring the local people living style and colorful market under the fantastic humid weather. There is a saying, “Mandalay for the speaking, Yangon for the bragging and Mawlamyine for the eating as famous for its tropical fruits.

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