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Cultural Heritage Zones


Myanmar is a land of rich culture and religious destination in most of the places. Ancient cultural and architectural designs are describing their life style of the people in the history; you can see on their scriptures and works of art. Most of the ancient stupas and building are distinctive features of our prominent Buddhism country. There are many historic sites where you can find predominantly in Myanmar; now most of the old stupas are renovated and preserve as a cultural heritage of our country; you can see widely in the sites of Bagan, Golden Rock, Bago and Mandalay, etc...


No one can be satisfied in their expedition in Myanmar without exploring in Bagan, ancient capital city, fame with plentiful pagodas and temples are rising from the red soil of plain along the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Thousands of splendid monuments of every shape and size which attract to the visitor's curiosity to find out more and more but you can't be end your observation as there are full with enormous Buddha statue inside the inner walls are decorated with incredible frescoes.

There is no space left without erecting some temples or pagodas in Bagan, these creation can be witnessed its greatness domination of culture and the mass of religion during its heyday from the 11th to 13th centuries. By taking fascinating sightseeing with open horse cart, bicycle, motor vehicle or even hot-air balloon – be sure not to miss the ambience of the early morning mists of the Ayeyarwady drifting among the temples, or the spectacle of the sun setting beyond the spires of the ancient city. Even the sunset Boat trip on the Ayeyarwaddy River can outlook the beautiful Sunset over Bagan while enjoying a cold Drink.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock Pagoda is one of the breath-taking forms of nature as well as a sacred place for Myanmar people. It is the third most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar.

The unique shape of the "gravity defying" Golden Rock is believed to exist at the edge of a cliff on the peak of Mt. Kyaikghtiyoe that wondrous view are influence to all the visitors' curiosity.

All the marvelous pilgrimage experience include enjoyable going up to the hill by a truck or trekking along the trials , magical Golden Rock on the cliff, the tone of bell flowing with the gentle wind , worshippers chant, meditate and light candles on the pagoda platform under the chill weather.

As the golden rock gleams in different shades from dawn to dusk, the scenery from the Golden Rock Pagoda is strange and mesmerizing so a lot of visitors stay here to watch the sunset.


Mandalay was a last royal capital of Burma built by King Mindon and is located in central part of Myanmar.

Mandalay is not only a city of temples and monasteries; it can also be considered as city of royalty. The city is known for its many monuments and religious buildings that illustrate the artistic skills of the Burmese craftspeople.

Astonishing variety workshops such like hand woven silk shop, stone & wood carving workshop are fascinating to the visitors to complete the trip where you can learn about the production of traditional handicrafts, such as silk sarongs, wooden marionettes and embroidered tapestries.There are also Gold-leaves workshops originally made in Mandalay.

This is the city where the Royal Palace can be found as well as other structures built by the kings. However, the best attraction in Mandalay is not made by man. Mandalay Hill is the most famous attraction of the city, a necessary stop for any tourist who arrives in this part of Myanmar.


Bago, an ancient city comprises with unforgettable as well as legendary memories of Mon Kingdom located 80 Km away from Yangon. All the areas are dominated by highest well known stupas and noticeable places such like Kyikepun four faces Pagoda images, Mon weaving villages, Kyatkhatwine Buddhist monastery, Shwetharlyaung reclining Buddha image and Shwemawdaw pagoda the highest stupa .

Besides visitors can be explore largely at the historic sites, olden Kanbawzathardi Palace of King Bayintnaung and Hinthargone hill , which is the highest place of the region and sources of Bago. The fourth largest town of Burma Bago is also the home to various ethnic minorities like Karen, Mon, Chin and Shan. After a long time of foundation and development, Bago nowadays has become an attractive tourist destination of Myanmar.

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