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Great reading for your trip


The River of Lost Footsteps

by Thant Myint U

Most excellent book from a very erudite scholar which goes into great detail about the history of Myanmar and also Asia where it relates to Myanmar. A must-read for those in diplomatic circles!

Myanmar Smiles

by Sein Myo Myint, Bagan Maung Maung & Ma Ohmar

Wonderful pictorial record of Myanmar Smiling!!

Birds of Myanmar

by Kyaw Nyunt Lwin and Khin Ma Ma Thwin and illustrated by Aung Thant

An absolutely beautiful book which has been missing from the World of Birds until now. Profusely illustrated.

Shwedagon: Golden Pagoda of Myanmar

by Elizabeth Moore, Hansjorg Mayer, U Win Pe

Excellent Book about this most famous Pagoda and profusely illustrated

The World of Buddhism

by Etienne Lamotte, Heinz Bechert (Editor), Richard F Gombrich (Editor)

One of the Best Books I've seen about Buddhism - clearly written and with lots of history about the countries cited including Myanmar (Burma) and very well illustrated.

On the Road to Mandalay - tales of Ordinary People

by Mya Than Tint

The late Mya Than Tint introduces thirty-four of Burma's 'ordinary people', the a-nya-ta-ra. As he travelled through Burma on literary lecture tours in the late 1980's, he encountered porters, sailors, fortune-tellers, waitresses, artists and petty criminals 'on the Road to Mandalay'.

The Glass Palace

by Amitav Ghosh

Beginning in 1885, with the British invasion of Mandalay and the capture of the Burmese king and queen, and encompassing over 100 years to modern-day India and Myanmar (Burma) Amitav Ghosh has created in The Glass Palace a monument to life in colonial central and Southeast Asia. The story follows three generations from three families, spreading its wings across the world, from Malaya to New York.

Visions from The Golden Land - Burma and the Art of Lacquer

by Ralph Isaacs, T. Richard Blurton, British Museum

The British Museum, London, should be applauded for launching the first significant exhibition of Burmese art in a major European institution. The catalogue is well-researched, well-written and presents provocative questions. A pioneering section pertaining to inscriptions on Burmese lacquer is especially interesting. Furthermore, the installation in London at the museum was stunning.

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