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About Travelling Art


(I) Why Travelling Art

To make your great Myanmar adventure one that you will always want to remember you should book your tour with a company that knows the country... you should book with us! We offer the most complete and unique tour packages for this area of the world. In fact, our tours are the golden standard for the entire industry!

We offer spectacular opportunities to see the entire country, as well as all of Myanmar’s destinations, in two types of programs - private tours, and small group excursions. In our private tours, we customize the travel package to your style, schedule, and budget, while our small group excursions allow you to enjoy a top-quality travel experience for about half the price of a private tour.

We are eager to organize for you the most amazing journey to our favorite land of all. We are proud to welcome you to Myanmar!

Travel Around Myanmar

When you are seeing a new and exciting country, you want to devote all your energy toward enjoying the beautiful sights you are seeing, or the fascinating history you are discovering, and not logistics. To get the full experience that you are so eagerly seeking in touring Myanmar, you will want to hire professionals.

We are one of new brand travel agency, meaning that our travel-tour packages free you from having to make tedious arrangements such as the transfer between the airport or train station and your luxurious hotel, or the hiring of high quality tour guides who will show you the best of what Myanmar and their culture and customs.

We provide all this through the support of our allied service providers, collaboration with the most glamorous of Myanmar's hotels, and coordination with the best guides in all the cities you could ever wish to see.

(II) Mission Statement

Our customers

We will provide customer satisfaction through the delivery of our star Quality Service that is consistent, fair and sincere. We shall never forget that the “Customer” is the reason we exist and that only with service that comes from the heart can we expect more customers tomorrow.

Our Community

We care for our environment and for the community we work in. Due consideration will always be given to safeguarding our environment, saving our natural resources and providing benefits and assistance to the community in which we work in.

Our Employees

People will always be a vital resource in our organization. Our employees will always be treated fairly and with respect. We consider Training and Human Resource Development as part of our Company goals and we shall try to develop staff to their highest potential to help them develop themselves to be more effective, productive and professional within the Company.

(III) Letter from MD

Myanmar is one of the lovely attractive a certain type of soul, one imbued with romantic notions of a vast world with exotic nature resources. You can’t imagine the thrill our company shares in being able to introduce all this to you, whether or not it is your first time in Myanmar.

Travelling Art specializes in private tours, individualized service and one-of-a-kind experiences. We handle the logistical troubles that scare and discourage so many travelers who try to see Myanmar. We understand that every overseas holiday is a unique experience, and we design our adventures specifically around you, your interests, and your budget. The result is a vacation that is truly your vacation.

Indeed, when you choose us as your travel agency, you can be assured that every person involved with planning your trip, from our travel partners to the hotel attendants, are there to ensure that everything is in place for you to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Travelling Art will provides the most complete Myanmar travel experiences, from private tours in the country’s great cities to relaxing river cruises leave your worries at home and let us do the work – we will even help you get past the hassle of obtaining a Myanmar Entry visa! Our only mission is your indulgence.

Travelling Art is a proud member of the Union of Myanmar Travels Association (UMTA) and holding licensed number ( Kha/1830 ). Aside from these nationally acclaimed associations, our customers can also attest to our personalized service, professional integrity, and exceptional knowledge of the regions to which we assist our customers to travel.

We look forward to sharing the wonder of Myanmar with you!

April Moth Moth Khine

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