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Visa Information


Visa and passport

For travel Myanmar tips, A visa is required in advance for Myanmar. Tourist visa for Myanmar can be obtained from any Myanmar Embassy or Consulate world-wide. Please see our list of Myanmar Embassies and Consulates in Myanmar. Travelers who plan to arrive via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Hong Kong can sometimes obtain their tourist Myanmar visas within one working day. Myanmar Tourist visa are valid for a stay of up to 28 days (4 weeks Visa). Visa on arrival can be arranged in advance with tour operator from Myanmar for your Myanmar travel.

Visa on Arrival

For all visitors require a tourist visa to show at airport immigration in order to enter the country. The tourist visa can get at the Myanmar embassy in your country. Normally processing will take 3 or 5 days to be issued it. It’s necessary to check with the visa section personnel upon registration.

The validity of visa issued is for only 3 months from the date of issue. Myanmar tourist visa allows to stay 28 days only but you can extend once (in YANGON only) for an additional 14 days. For extra extension days you have to pay a fine of 3 USD per day before your departure at Airport Immigration. It’s not convenience to apply Myanmar visa at the embassy of your residence country, you can join with us to pre- arrange for Visa on Arrival by providing the under information in advance.

VOA Processing

It will take 10 days to 3 weeks. Once we start to apply at Myanmar ministry of Hotels & Tourism, we also require attach to submit your tour program with our tour company. After checking to approve from Myanmar Ministry of Hotel & Tourism, our visa processing will pass step by step to the Myanmar Immigration department.

As soon as we receiving all complete approve letter from all of Myanmar Ministry’s Authorities, we will send you a copy of this approval letter in order to present this approve letter at the Myanmar Airline Immigration check in counter upon your arrival.

Visa Services Charges

Our service charges will be USD 40 (excluding Myanmar Visa Fee 30 USD).Please kindly note also, you have to directly paid 30 USD visa fees at Immigration when you arrive airport.

After arranging for all Airport necessary documentary running from our company side, we will be represent to welcome you near at Airport Immigration check-point. And then we will collect our services charges from you.

Remarks; This above visa processing information can be changed without prior notice.

Advice ; Your passport validity is for 6 months after your planned exit of Myanmar.

V.O.A Preparation time is enough advance 2 months for arrange all from our company side to avoid depends on our Government’s officially holidays or in case other procedure changes.

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